FINESSE: Protection systems for vehicles and infrastructure

Cyber attacks on software, data or the general operability of road and rail vehicles pose a potential threat to people and machines. Increased attack surfaces arise from the increasing networking of vehicles as well as the steadily growing range of externally connected technologies and services.

The aim of the project is to develop a holistic protection system for central control systems, road and rail vehicles. In operation, attacks are to be monitored and detected using rule-based and AI-based approaches as well as defended within a semi-automated manner using a set of established countermeasures.


  • Preventing attacks
  • Fast reactions for defense
  • Monitoring of network communication


Research into a holistic security concept taking into account all subcomponents in vehicles, in fleet management and in connected systems. To this end, security-critical components are first identified, and their interaction for system security is evaluated.

As part of the German government's research framework program on IT security "Digital. Secure. Souverän.", methods and technologies are being developed for security analysis at all system layers.  



  • Security Operations Center as a central control unit
  • Securing sensors and systems in the vehicle
  • Use of innovative artificial intelligence methods for attack detection