ÖBB: Wireless connection of a railroad crossing

Currently, wired communication paths and methods are used to switch a railroad crossing safety system (EKSA) on and off. In order to reduce the investment costs, the control commands are to be transmitted via wireless communication methods in the future.

INCYDE's task was to analyze an existing functional proof-of-concept within the framework of an interdisciplinary working group to determine which additional measures are required from an OT security perspective in order to obtain a system that can be approved in the railroad environment. In addition, INCYDE provided project management and facilitated the system engineering workshops.



  • The PoC was realized without considering safety and IT security requirements.
  • Very short project duration



Due to a very concentrated organizational and technical moderation of the workshops by INCYDE, the development of comprehensive results in the following topics was achieved despite the short timeline:

  • Analysis of the technological status of the existing PoC
  • Identification of relevant requirements from an operational and normative point of view as well as from the European committee work (EULYNX)
  • Creation of a target architecture with dedicated consideration of safety and IT security requirements
  • Elaboration of a modular structure of the safety and security cases for the verification of the respective properties for the parallel development of different components as far as possible
  • Possible future tasks for a time-optimized project implementation