DB Training - awareness and training

DB Training, Learning & Consulting is DB internal partner for cooperate learning and consulting. INCYDE and DB Training are developing railway specific awareness and functional apprenticeship trainings in the railway environment.

IT security affects the entire organisation. With DB Training, we offer training for railway operations managers, for operating and maintenance staff, for Network Operation Centre (NOC) staff and for other specialist groups of construction responsibility, among others. This enables DB Training's customers to develop the awareness and skills of their employees to prepare them for the advancing digitalisation in rail transport. This boosts confidence and ensures employee satisfaction so that they can tackle the increasing challenges with confidence. In addition, this fulfils the legal requirements of the Critical Infrastructure Regulation (KRITIS Regulation). 



  • Expertise in rail specific IT/OT systems
  • Evaluation of current cyber security threats
  • Knowledge of railway operations



Our cyber security specialists from the rail industry use their in-depth knowledge of deployed rail IT/OT systems and corresponding operational processes as well as work steps of technical staff to design interactive targeted training content.

By continuous evaluating current cyber threats and analyzing attack vectors in the railway IT/OT-Systems, we manage to keep the training materials constantly up to date and thus make employees more aware of critical cyber threats in the trainings.



  • Specific IT/OT security awareness training (ETCS, NOC, system operators BZ, FdL, ...).
  • Advanced persistent threats for office staff
  • KRITIS awareness
  • Development of interactive training materials