Alpine Rail 2021

We’re happy to speak about “Securing digital innovation in Rail” at Alpine Rail Optimisation Conference in Vienna on 6th of October.

Rail operation is more and more data driven. Thus, the continuous integrity, confidentiality and availability of information are crucial for you and your customers. Nevertheless, strong cryptographic measures, redundancy and intrusion detection are power consuming as well as expensive when it comes to IoT being deployed in high numbers on rolling stock or remote locations.

As experts in IT/OT we support you through the end-to-end project process and apply security-by-design within the rail operation life cycle.
Analysing your system’s maturity, verifying IT/OT security concepts, and performing risk assessments as well as audits for critical infrastructures. Moreover, we develop and specify future security standards, manage the security project as well es set the IT/OT security strategy.

Security is a process, so is communication and partnerships! Get in touch with us!


Richard Poschinger

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Richard Poschinger
IT/OT-Security, European Standardisation, Risk Assessments