IT/OT Security in Internet of Ralway Things (IoRT)

Digitization through connected sensors – IoT – is one key factor for improving quality of service in industry. So, it is in Railways. At the same time the attack surface increases via the enormous number of exposed devices.
How can we resolve this apparent contradiction in railways? And is there "this one" solution? These were the key questions for our Security for Internet of Railway Things (IoRT) Whitepaper.

Within the CYBERSECURITY (CYSIS) working group, part of the Innovation Alliance of TU Darmstadt and DB Netz AG, the IoRT Whitepaper was developed together with the project partners CISCO, Fraunhofer SIT, ÖBB and INCYDE. It explains applications of IoRT devices and possible IT security strategies that simultaneously keep an eye on the use of data, the operation of the devices and the adaptability to the requirements of IT security.
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Dr. Martin Koop

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Dr. Martin Koop
ATO, Risk Assessment, (Pen) Testing, Network Architecture, Cyber Security Strategy & Technology