Security Analysis and Optimization of Existing Communication Technology

New technologies create new operational opportunities. The challenge results in the integration of new communication solutions into existing systems that have already been approved. In particular, the IT security aspects and the freedom of interference verification on the existing safety-related technology are the main goals.

Here, INCYDE analyzes the overall system and creates an optimized solution concept based on its extensive and in-depth knowledge in the areas of OT/IT security as well as railway operations. In this context, we focus on minimizing approval risks and on efficient as well as cost-effective implementation.

If desired, we accompany the implementation with our experts and can also perform the normative evaluation according to IEC 62443 and TS 50701 for the extended approval.


  • System Analysis
  • Evaluation of new Technologies
  • Minimizing Security Risks and Verification of Freedom of Interference
  • Concept for Upgrade & Optimization of System Components